Sherwin Williams Paint Sucks (In My Opinion)

Sherwin Williams paint problems.

I have been meaning to post about this but between the hurricane and life in general have not had the time.  If you are thinking of painting a Caribbean house DO NOT USE SHERWIN WILLIAMS.  I thought it was going to last longer than my Behr Premium did but at Twice the price is lasted not even half as long.  After spending 10k on the painting the house its just over 2 years later and the fading and paint failing is unbelievable.  Not only that but the hurricane stripped off some of the Sherwin Williams paint and you can see the 5 year old Behr paint still has much deeper color.  I will say the Sherwin Williams manager came out to take a look and agreed that there was a problem.  This was roughly 2x months before Maria hit so no real excuse there.  See below some of the pictures, even in a shaded area in the garage where we tried to touch up using paint out of the same 5 gallon bucket you can see the difference.   DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!


The Pictures below are after Hurricane Maria notice how the top Sherwin Williams coat failed in many places.  I will also post protected areas in a future post that show how it faded even in shaded areas.

Sherwin Williams Paint Fail

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