The Decision

In February 2009, we decided to head west on the island and discovered the beautiful Rincón area, its beaches and surf.  The moment we arrived and saw what the area offered, we knew that our search was over and this was the place. It had everything we were looking for – beautiful beaches, crystal clear warm water, beach and boat based scuba diving, surfing and great restaurants to relax at after an active day. We searched around on our own for either a house or land on which to build, but did not find anything that met all of our requirements.
A year later in 2010 we returned to Puerto Rico and visited Rincon again. “Fortunately” for us, we could not go surfing the first two days because the surf was TOO BIG, so we took the opportunity to drive around and look for property or a house. We knew we wanted westerly views with sunsets that were over the ocean as opposed to over a mountain or trees, and we also wanted to be on the north side of the town of Rincón in order to avoid the vehicle traffic in, around and through the town – we have enough traffic at home. Puntas was our first choice due to the proximity to many of Puerto Rico’s best surf spots & pristine beaches, several great restaurants and a very friendly local community.
In our search, we drove by this particular property many times. However, we did not really notice the small faded “For Sale By Owner” sign nor did we realize that the home was actually perched at the very top of a hill. Late the second day, as we were driving around the Puntas neighborhood to the well-known local hang-out of the Tamboo Restaurant & Bar on the west coast, my wife noticed that through the carport on the main floor of this house, you could see Desecheo Island. This meant westerly views and unobstructed over the ocean sunsets.
Subsequently, we spoke with our real estate agent, Juanita at Island West Properties, and arranged to see the home.  While the house was clearly lacking anything close to curb appeal (see pictures below), we confirmed that the views were not only good from the main floor, but also from the apartment below and the studio house next door (now called “The Casita”). We knew we wanted to add another story to the main house, so we arranged to get up on the roof-top. Once on the roof, we realized that there was an unbelievable panoramic view of Desecheo Island and the breaking surf at Indicators and Marias. As we turned around to go down the ladder, we realized that we also had a clear view of Aguadilla Bay to the north & east. It was at that moment we knew we wanted this property and also that we needed to add not only another floor, but a roof-top deck to completely capitalize on this location and its spectacular views.

Soon to be The Surf Break

Soon to be The Casita

Corner of Hammer Road & Vista Nuclear

Back of Old Casita
Yard Jungle


View from Roof

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