Knocked Down House Behind Us

More Property:

July 1st,  2013:  Last post was almost a year ago.  During that time we decided to demo the house behind us.  It was a tough decision.  The house straddled two lots so we figured long term it would be better to have the two lots.  Once we demolished the house, my wife and I decided not to sell the properties.  Instead we will plant grass, fruit trees and eventually solar.   We just contracted out to have the lawn put in.  We are also planning on planting a wide variety of tropical fruit trees on the property to which we will share with our guests and neighbors.

Old Neighbors now New again:

Just recently some friends that loved the area so much they purchased a house and a lot 5 doors down from us.  They actually lived across the street from us in Virginia for many years.
Rincon pool Construction
The Surf Break “South”

Rincon Ocean View Hurricane Maria

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