60k for Kitchen Cabinets???

May 15th,  2011:  Things are still moving forward however we are now entering the “Finish” stage.  The Casita is mostly up  and we are very happy with the way it is turning out.  Tile, Windows and Plaster are the next items.  We are also trying to figure out the kitchen installation which is turning out to be a bigger challenge than we expected.  Custom cabinets are very very expensive even compared to the high end cabinets at Home Depot.  Home Depot is a challenge as they don’t want to measure until everything else is complete and there is a 2x month lead time on cabinets and a 3x month window for them to do the actual install.  Clearly this will not work.   We also decided against putting the water storage tanks on the roof as we realized that rarely does the power and water go out at the same time.  By placing the units under the house we free up even more space on the roof where we are now considering either a Jacuzzi or a Spool, which is basically an extra large Spa or extra small pool.

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