Landscape gone Wild

September 14th 2016:  Wow another year and more leasons learned.  Landscaping, we know have a jungle that we trim 5 or 6 times a year and produces a pickup truck full of debris.  The cocunts we planted 2 years ago are now 8-10′ heigh.   We planted some Black and some Monestary bamboo and it has absolutely taken off.   The guy who sold it to me said the Black bamboo wouldnt get over 25′, well its not 35′ plus.  It does however looks amazing.   The new paint looks great (only a year in).   Getting service people to the house is still a challenge, its kind of similiar to Virginia where they give you an 8 hour window however in PR you have a 3 day window.  I have also realized that finding the right person for a job is VERY important.  It seems that anything we fix ends up being fixed 2 or 3 times (and yes pay for each) before its right.  Now that we are in year 5 we are taking a close look at the appliances as the life expentancy in the salt air isnt that great.  We did however put dielectric grease on all the electrical connections which I believe is making a real differance.   The solid brass ship lights that we paid a lot for look GREAT, Well worth the investment.  We just got back and had a few days of great summer waves.

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