Crazy Times / New Discoveries

We were in Puerto Rico in March when all the closures started to happen.  Fortunately we never leave home without our digital leashes so we could easily work remotely.  Puerto Rico decided to close everything including the beaches and even imposed a odd/even license plate rule where you could only drive every other day.  No fun at all.

Mostly due to boredom we decided to walk the bike trails at the bottom of our hill that is part of the reserve.  We kind of expected to see a lot of trash base on the last time we walked the trails ~10 years ago.  We where absolutely blown away that the trails were immaculate!  We found out that since the summer olympics had their mountain biking event there the trails have hosted many other events.  People have been not only picking up trash but also keeping the jungle trimmed back from the trails.  On a 1 hour walk we found (and removed) 2x water bottles and 1 beer can.  We are absolutely going to look into renting mountain bikes.  

The beaches are open now as are some of the restaurants with many scheduled to open in December.   When you go out to Any location they have people that take your temperature before entering any establishment and every place has hand sanitizer at the door.  Compared to Northern Virginia they are extremely tight which is a good thing.

We have traveled back and forth since Covid twice and it really has not been an issue.  You do want to get tested 48 hours before your flight and fill out some paperwork but other than that its pretty normal.

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