Exterior Getting Close

March 6th,  2011:  Just returned from a week in PR and spent each night watching the sunset from the roof of the big house.  We took many pictures however decided to just put up a few.  The view is better than we expected.  We have an unbelievable view of Aguadilla bay and could actually see the point which is the surf break named Wilderness way in the distance.  However we bought the house for the Westerly views which were even better than we could have hoped.  On the third day there was a waist to head high break which made us realize we have “white water”  views.  We can see the line up and the first part of the break at Domes while we do look between a very large gap between two trees (picture below) it is still more than enough to evaluate whether to go to Domes or not.  The Large view is Indicators and a good part of Marias where you can also see the line up and the break. The construction is going great and the rooms, common area and decks are as generous as we hoped.  The Casita was just being surveyed on the day we left.

Picking out Paint

Views off Front and Back of House

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