10k Paint Job

Bad Paint / Sherwin Williams:

September 8th 2015:  With several years in our rear view mirror we are still Very happy with our decisions.  We had to paint the house this year and this time we used the highest rated paint from Sherwin Williams (Turned out In My Opinion to be a terrible decision!!! Paint faded 2x as fast as Behr of same color).  While expensive we hope it will last longer than Behr did.  We continue to love the house and really don’t regret any of our decisions. We are currently looking at ways to get at least partially off the grid by using either wind or solar or a combination of both. Puerto Rico power continues to be very expensive and only looks to be going higher.  Some friends from Virgina bought a house and lot 5 doors down from us and are close to starting their constuction odyssey.  The house next to our two empy lots has HUGE potential and we hope to see that sold soon.

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