Figuring Out PR Taxes

July 15, 2010:  We visited Rincon to finalize some of the building plans as well as file tax information in San Juan.  Similar to the US, going to a government office is always a challenge with 5 people giving you 5 different things that need to be done.  Fortunately, a few hours and a lot of patience and we have all the proper paper work.  We met with an accountant (Cruz Paredes Group) whom we like a lot.   It was our first time there in the summer and while hot, it was no hotter than our home in Virginia and talk of lots of bugs in the summer was completely overblown.  Mosquitoes love me and I never saw one nor got bit.   The ocean in Rincon was like glass although a swell was coming in the day we were leaving (isn’t that always the case).  We understood there was surf in Aguadilla but didn’t get a chance to make it there.  We didn’t get to scuba either, but will try next time and post some pictures and reviews.

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