Solar Update

We just got our net meter the other day and now we are waiting on the associated paperwork (what ever that means).  The rainy season Sept/Oct have tested our power given the regular clouds that roll in Every afternoon.  It appears however that we should be generating far more than we are using.   

One discovery thats both good and bad.  The system is VERY sensitive to load imbalances (brown outs) from the power company, PREPA.  The power from the street is terrible.  I had wondered why my generator went on all the time while the neighbor said they had power.  Well now I realize that browns outs happen many times a day, yes a DAY!!.   In July while the area was packed every night between 4pm and 10pm there were area wide brown outs.  While the Tesla system does a great job of seeing these issues and protecting all my electrical appliances its so sensitive that my estimated requirement for battery back up (based on estimated failures in the past) is well short.  Hopefully once the Net Meter paper work is done we can run the Power Walls in backup mode such that when power does go out we can be assured we are at 100% charge.

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